The Benefits

farm sale planning

Profitable and Tax Efficient Exit

Our Team of Advisors are well versed in understanding the tax issues faced by people today.  Whether as individuals, corporate entities, or partnerships, we recognize how assets may be taxed in each of those structures and we have a process ensuring tax efficient methods are employed that make any exit strategy the most profitable to you.   There are numerous tools in the tax act that may allow you to have your taxable income reduced, converted to capital, exempted, deferred into your eventual estate, or in some instances, rolled over to the next generation!  Enormous Tax Savings can be found, if only you take the time to explore those opportunities!

Peace of Mind

The sale of your farm assets is the single biggest transaction, or set of transactions you will complete in your lifetime.It will be comforting to know that you have guidance from people who work through these types of transactions every day.You've got the best team of advisors on your side!

Better Retirement

Retirement is the dream of all, but few take the time to realize that retirement today can last for 25, 30 years or more for the average couple!  While the level of Capital required to fund that retirement will differ between families, our role is to ensure you have the ‘Peace of Mind’ and comfort in knowing your retirement is secure and sustainable until the end!

Family Dynamics

Our years of experience has provided us enormous insight into understanding the relationship and dynamics between family members, recognizing the need for fairness, equality, gifting measures and succession planning; all while recognizing the need for tax efficiency and retirement security.  Our role as a third party voice to family members, is to provide sound and efficient guidance that provides certainty and more importantly, an understanding for all vested parties, as well as the non-vested parties!